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Posted by blkproperties on April 16, 2019
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How to buy a property in Turkey?

Buy a property in Turkey or generally outside your country is not really the same as buying it inside. We are totally understanding the whole concepts of the buying process for real estate in Turkey and for that reason we put the principles of guiding for buying properties, so you can securely own your property without any kind of obstacles and we are aiming to help our clients even after the buying process so the clients can be completely assured of our honest. In our work, we proudly gained enough experiences through the last decade and we are completely in the knowledge of all the requires for the buying process in the real estate market which gave us the honor to provide what it needs to guide our clients and do our best to reduce any kind of worry. Follow the following steps to know how to buy a property in Turkey securely and exactly as you wish.

1. Search very clearly

The real estate markets in Turkey is growing day after another a thousand of properties are for sale in Turkey with hundreds of real estate companies many of them are going to tell you different things. And different opinions and we are here depending on our long experiences in this market. So we recommend you to make a clear search to match your demands and your budgets and the lifestyle you would like to live in Turkey. We give you what you need to know from the details of the places in Turkey such as Istanbul and Antalya. We also make it easier for you to understand your rights toward the legal side.

2. Compare

When you search for your dream home in Turkey we recommend you to make comparing among the representatives in Turkey and to know if they are knowledgeable enough for all the aspects of the real estate market in Turkey. If for a moment felt a kind of uncomfortable or manipulating so you must to step away.
Buying a property is for the vast majority is a choice for a lifestyle more than anything else so the representation you will deal with must to understand the full background of your lifestyle that you are demanding in Turkey. If they can provide you the lifestyle that you are wishing and can’t understand your demands so they are not proper for you. And also you must understand your position from the real estate investment in Turkey if you are interested in the real estate investment you must to remember that Turkey is a big country even it is bigger than France and its size four times bigger than the UK so you can find many differs in almost everything.

3. Talk to your representatives and build a good communication with them

Some people could feel kind of embarrassing to communicate with some real estate companies through phones. We don’t like to say to our clients this property is not yet available. If you are that kind of person who doesn’t speak clearly for giving the details which needed.

4. Make a visit to Turkey before you buy

There is an old quote said ‘’ the real is what you see’’ this quote matches the real estate market and it gives you a grantee for taking the right decision for your dream home so you should visit Turkey to know the places around and to see the facilities and restaurants in the city. If you find someone trying to sell you a property through the phone, without even see it, so it is not the right way to have your dream home.

5. See many different properties to choose the right one

During the phone calls with the real estate companies and the e-mails and the appointments, a real estate company should give you many choices to match your dream home.

6. Negotiating

Whether you want to buy a villa or an apartment in Turkey a real estate company should always negotiate in the prices with clients to give you the satisfying price for your dream home

7. Reservation

Once you find your dream home in Turkey you must to reserve it so the price will still the same because in Turkey the prices of the real estate in Turkey are always changing the reservation is usually 1000 USD

8. Have your lawyer

To give permission to a lawyer is something very useful, so you can safely own your property. This can save your time in many things

9. Finishing all the required processes

After signing the documents, your lawyer will make sure about almost everything. It will be totally completed for your home, including the Tapu to confirm it officially with your name.

10. The Tapu

The last process is receiving the Tapu confirmed with your name which will be legally sealed.

I think with this small guide and steps described above, buy a property in Turkey will become easy for you, even if is it your first time.


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